Spiritual Facilities

Our Spiritual Facilities

Avalon Isle offers various circles and shrines for working or meditation.

Avalon's Circle

This space is the main circle for Avalon isle and The Avalon Coven.

It is used for public rituals, and will easily accommodate a group of 20-30.



The Great Hall

The Great Hall is the primary indoor area for events at Avalon. The 1150 square foot building has space for meetings or circles, as well as a full kitchen. All group meals are served in the Great Hall, and the kitchen is large enough to prepare meals for large groups.

The Great Hall is currently under renovation. Please see the Our Projects section for more information and pictures.



Heart Circle Gathering Space

The Heart Circle fire pit area is a non-sacred gathering space.

It has a wonderful fire pit for warm fires on chilly evenings. Everyone is welcome to gather and socialize at the fire during events.

However, camping in this space is reserved for Heart Circle Members during festival events.


The Mystic Gardens

Our Mystic Garden is a wonderful space for walking, reflection and meditation. In it we grow several varieties of herbs, shrubs and flowers. It is an open space for meditation, or for those who just wish to stop and smell the flowers.




Turtle Island holds many of our smaller spiritual retreats.

Kyri's Community Circle

The Community circle is a public circle space. Any person or group is welcome to use the space for meetings, ritual, or meditation. It has a stone border and a small fire pit. It will accommodate groups of 10-15.



The Astral Circle

This circle is located adjacent to the Community circle, and is designed for use with Astral energy. It is especially good for meditation with spirit guides and astral projection work. The circle is loosely bounded, and suitable for individuals or groups of less than 5.




Affectionately known as "the Henge", this space is shared with our neighbors at Cerren Ered. Originally, the Henge was a wood replica of Stonehenge, with the columns bordering the circle. It is a wonderful woodland glade ringed by the remains of a wooden "henge" once similar in appearance to the more well known "Stonehenge".. Originally created by our neighbors at Cerren Ered, "the Henge" area has served as both a Ceremonial and Meditative space through the years. The area is situated at the juncture of Avalon Isle and Cerren Ered and is administered jointly. Permission to use the space is generally granted to guests by prior arrangement with the land owners. This space is usually public space during festivals. It can be used for large meetings or groups, as the space will easily accommodate 40 people.



There are several Shrines scattered on the grounds of Avalon Isle. Each Shrine is dedicated to a specific Deity. Please feel free to use the shrines for personal meditations or offerings.

Aphrodite's Temple


Cronos' Temple

Demeter's Temple


Dionysus' Shrine

Pan's Shrine

The Triple Goddess Wishing Tree


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