Past Events

Previous Events

2008 Highlands of Tennessee Samhain Gathering – The Fire of Life


Gavin and Yvonne Frost

Power Raising and Circle Dancing


Our Friends, Spirit Quest


The Meadow


Jezibell’s Drumming Workshop



Learning to Tango with Gavin and Yvonne Frost


Firewalking with FireIris


Walking on Broken Glass


Breaking Arrows


Bending Rebar




Jezibell’s Sword Dance



Round Table


The August 2008 Clearing of the Meadow:

In August 2008, a section of the meadow was cleared to provide more camping and gathering space.

Many thanks to all who strained their backs and many more thanks to the use of the tractor! Here’s what it looked like afterwards.


2007 Highlands of Tennessee Samhain Gathering

Celebrating and Enriching the Talent Within


Creating Magickal Chalices Workshop


Sustainable Living Workshop

Tarot Workshop


Quantum Magick

Bardic Circle



Guest Speaker Apollonius

Lady Amythyst

Leading Guided Meditations

Masquerade Ball


Saturday Bonfire


The 2005 Great Hall Renovation

In 2005, we completed structural renovations and improvements to the structure including new front doors and new windows, and we have renovated the ceiling to provide a beautiful vault as well as attic space. We have also put up all the drywall sheeting and sealed the building.


The 2005 Great Pine Tree Removal



The 2004 Great Hall Renovation




The 2004 Avalon Circle Altar Construction



The 2004 4th of July Luau



The Dedication of the Parthenon in Nashville, TN for Athena

Pictures coming soon.


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