Church Info

Church Legal Name: The Keltic Orthodox Church, Inc.
Church Addresses:
Main Office: The Keltic Orthodox Church, Inc. 5049 Mathis Branch Road Cosby, TN 37722 Phone: 865-217-9599Registered Agent's Office: The Keltic Orthodox Church, Inc. Attn: Ryan Taylor 4101 Riverview Run Ct. Suwanee, GA 30024
Church Government: (Secular)
Church Officers: CEO & Secretary:   Ryan Taylor COO:   Paul "Birch" Wardlaw Treasurer & CFO:   Gregory LaneBoard of Directors:    Elected Directors (5): Seat 1: Gregory Lane Seat 2: Laurie Duckett Seat 3: Ryan Taylor Seat 4: Andy "Thorne" Phillips Seat 5: Paul "Birch" Wardlaw Board Advisors: Denise Taylor
Church Government: (Spiritual)   
Land Advisor:Paul "Birch" Wardlaw
Spiritual Advisor:Gregory Lane Ryan Taylor
Facilities Advisor:Ryan Taylor
Spiritual Oracle:Denise Taylor
Church Auxiliaries: Coven of Avalon | Avalon Isle Coven Avalon Institute Avalon Isle Publications, LTD. Acorns Avalon Isle Foundation, Inc. Order of the Royal Oak, Inc. Avalon Isle Land Trust, Inc.Church Official Events: Highlands of Tennessee Samhain Gathering 4th of July Luau Fire Festival Eleusinian Mysteries
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